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SO, if you ARE reading 40-45 at idle, that's the torque currently available. These engines produce their torque early, and top out at 2750 RPM. Torque starts to rise at ~1200, and you're already idling at 800 under a load from the transmission. LOAD_PCT = [current airflow] / [(peak airflow at [email protected] as a function of rpm) *
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When you look at power percentage, it should be in the single digits when idle and doing light loads (like web browsing and typing on these forums). What I am getting at is that a faulty driver install can cause power usage to constantly be overused, which can lead to overheating and other various issues.
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The idle should go back to what it was when the idle control motor was last connected. Refer to the note you took about idle RPMs to compare it to The idle control valve only effects the engine while your foot is not on the gas. As long as the vehicle isn't idling at too high an RPM or stalling, it should...
But at 91 degree C, the rpm should be 736 -760 at idle, but not too high though. But it depends on the ignition system. But i would have considered it not normal if the result showed 950-1,200 rpm or so at the 91 degree C. Avg Load Pct % Custom Emissions CO2 g/mile CO2 g/ton-mile NOx g/mile NOx g/ton-mile PM10 g/mile PM10 g/ton-mile PM25 g/mile PM25 g/ton-mile CO2 MassEmisions NOx MassEmisions PM10 MassEmisions PM25 MassEmisions Carrier Avg Volume Adj Factor AvgLoad1 AvgLoad2 AvgLoad3 AvgLoad4 AvgLoad5 AvgLoad6 AvgLoad7 AvgLoad8 AvgLoad9 AvgLoad10 AvgDensity1 ...
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Hey guys, I have 1999 MB C230 Kompressor with 102k miles car runs perfect no driving issue or idling issues at all but last 3/4 days just dealing with P0170 Fuel Trim Bank 1 issue, after reading different DIY Benz forms i have done so far is below. 1- Check all vacuum pipe / hoses / harness /...
Oct 03, 2011 · Here for full live readings data of the car running at idle: - DTC_CNT 0 FUELSYS1 CL (changes to OL-DRIVE when you press the gass peddel) FUEL SYS 2 N/A LOAD_PCT (%) (changes from 2.7 to 3.9 all the time) ETC ('F) 167 SHRTFT1 (%) (changes from 0.3 TO 16.4 all the time) LONGFT1 (%) -25.8 MAP (INHG) 10.9 RPM (/MIN) 748 VSS (MPH) 0 SPARK ADV (') 10 IAT ('F) 91
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Feb 07, 2010 · 2010 Tacoma, 2.7L. 4cyl Access Cab, 305000 km, purchased 1 year ago at 270,000 km Engine turns over well but won't start normally when cold. Ambient...
Use the SCROLL button for more PIDs on the next screen. Live Data DTC_CNT 6 FUELSYS1 0 FUELSYS2 LOAD_PCT(%) 4) 0.0 Press ENTER/EXIT button to return to the previous menu. 4.5 Viewing Freeze Frame Data 1) To view freeze frame, use the scroll button to select View Freeze Frame from the diagnostic menu and press the ENTER/EXIT button.
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This regulates the engine idle speed and allows idle to remain constant even if you switch on the air conditioning or turn on your headlights, both The cost of the repair or replacement job will depend on what the cause was. If you take your vehicle to a repair shop soon, then your engine should be okay.DATED SEPTEMBER 06, 2002, WHICH SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM YOUR FILES. THIS IS A COMPLETE REVISION AND NO ASTERISKS HAVE BEEN USED TO HIGHLIGHT REVISIONS. SUBJECT: 4.0L Rough Engine Idle After Restart Following A Hot Soak OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves the installation of a fuel injector insulator sleeve. MODELS:
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QCOM平台使用WALT(Window Assisted Load Tracking)作为CPU load tracking的方法;相对地,ARM使用的是PELT(Per-Entity Load Tr Idle time is paid time that an employee is unproductive due to factors that can either be controlled or uncontrolled by management. Idle time is a period of time associated with employees waiting. That may be because a piece of machinery they need to use isn't working, they are waiting for an important...
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LOAD_PCT are: Reaches 1.0 at WOT at any altitude, temperature or rpm for both naturally aspirated and boosted engines. Indicates percent of peak available torque. Linearly correlated with engine vacuum Often used to schedule power enrichment. So is it simply telling how much of the total available torque is being used at any given instant? vfs.zfs.metaslab.load_pct: 50 ... vfs.zfs.scan_idle: 50 ... The very first step should be 'tid 101112' to switch to the correct
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Oct 22, 2020 · Chances are that your car’s intake air temperature sensor (IAT) is damaged and that it should be fixed immediately to avoid any serious damage to the engine. In this article, you will learn the symptoms and the meanings of a bad intake air temperature sensor. Find out all the reasons why your PC displays high CPU usage. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to fix your CPU loads.
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