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Re: Controlling a Stepper motor for antenna tuner by Travis1946 on Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:47 pm One of the other hams in the club has a quantity of multi-conductor shielded cable, so that is what I would use.
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The performance of this tuner was nothing short of spectacular on FM; the AM side was even more impressive, as it was designed to have an audio bandwidth of 20 Hz - 15 KHz -- the same as broadcast FM! In order to receive clear AM Stereo signals -- on the TX-11b or any other AM radio, however, you have to have a good antenna.
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DIY MW Loop Antenna This is the commonest 'specialist' antenna used by listeners to MW frequencies because it is usable indoors, readily home-built and low cost. The loop possesses a very predictable directional receiving pattern which allows signals from different transmitter locations to be selected by carfully rotating the antenna about its ...
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Jan 04, 2009 · A built in 7 7/8 inch ferrite rod antenna brings in distant AM stations. T here are screw terminal provided for external AM & FM antennas. which improve the performance further. The frequency coverage: 530-1700 kHz for MW and 88-108 MHz for FM with analog tuning.
2 days ago · The ICOM AT-180 is a fully automatic tuner with 70 channel preset memories and "automatic tuner on" function when connected to the IC-703, IC-703+ IC-706, IC-706 MkII, 706 MkIIG or IC-718. It provides reliable matching of frequencies from 1.9 to 54 MHz.
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4. Connect the AN100 medium wave annular antenna to the audio modulator, car radio or medium wave line-in socket of BCL radio. If the radio without medium wave line-in socket, the annular antenna can be placed nearby the radio and closed to the radio’s MW build-in antenna. 5. Set the radio at medium wave band.
HF Automatic Antenna Tuner Tune in your HF marine world Suitable for many vessels The versatile AT-130 can be used with a variety of vessels, even smaller boats that cannot use a long antenna element. For example, the AT-130 will match a 7 m (23 feet) long wire antenna across the marine band in the 1.6 - 27.5 MHz range. Antenna Tuner Module: The antenna tuner corrects the impedance mismatch from the antenna to the radio and allows the maximum available signal will be delivered from the antenna to the detector module. It also screens out a lot of unwanted stations, including harmonics from stations outside the band.
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The 10K ohm resistor “fools” the IC-706 into thinking that an antenna tuner is connected, and so the radio will be keyed in the 10-watt cw mode whenever the “key” pin (pin 1 on the antenna tuner interface) is connected to ground by the SPST toggle switch.
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Ø TG35 is an active loop antenna for SW/MW/LW reception. Ø It is special designed for world radios to improve the signal reception. Ø The antenna comes with two unique antennas that plug into the base amplifier. Ø The base amplifier + antenna should be placed on a window sill for best performance.
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Aug 02, 2020 · This was good enough for me to use it in the NAQP CW contest this weekend (which started 30 minutes before I completed this antenna), with my Antenna Tuner. After the contest, I will trim it, to get a larger portion of the Band within the 3:1 SWR range, as needed by most rig-internal tuners. Antenna tuners An external antenna tuner is often used in conjunction with HF antennas to tune antennas to resonance within a band. In most cases, these are π or T networks in which a variable inductor and capacitors are used to tune for the lowest standing-wave ratio as seen by the transmitter.
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This is a kit that you can buy through eBay. I don't think it has a brand name but is commonly found through China eBay sellers.
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