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City of Malden, MA. The data available here is updated in the normal course of business and may not always represent the most current information. In addition, some of the data contained herein may have been compiled from third-party sources and the accuracy of that information cannot be confirmed.
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Apr 21, 2020 · Tax Maps: Tax Appeal Judgments: Tax Rate Certifications: TIARA FAQs – Lookup Property: Mod IV: Sales Data: Tax Maps: Tax Maps: Records Search: Previous TaxMap Archive
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TOWN OF READING, MASSACHUSETTS. Welcome to the Town of Reading, MA property assessment data. Feel free to search for property information by Street Name, Owner Name, or Parcel ID. SEARCH TIP: When searching by street or name, you only need to enter the first few letters and hit GO. For Parcel ID, you can enter the map number and scroll down the ...
The Assessors' Office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessment. The Assessors, as required by Chapters 59, 60A, 61, 61B, 121A of the Massachusetts General Laws and various Acts of the Legislature, perform the appraisal of approximately 15,000 parcels of property. Please use the following online services to lookup parcel information and GIS data. Assessor Data Please use this tool to look up our Assessor data. You can view property owners and lot information on here. New GIS Tool On 11/9/2020 we launched an updated GIS viewer using a new vendor while updating all of our …
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Southern New Jersey marsh habitat base maps were created in 1991, using 1986 aerial photography. Habitat data was collected and entered into the GIS by Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP) staff, using moneys donated by The New Jersey Natural Lands Trust (NJNLT).
Franklin County Registry of Deeds Scott A. Cote, Register . 43 Hope Street P.O. Box 1495 Greenfield, MA 01302 T 413 772-0239 F 413-774-7150 E general [email protected] E direct [email protected]
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Loc al Ma nag ement Boundary Munipa Bl iocundayr Map Prepared by the Atlantic County Department of Regional Planning & Development Office of Geographic Information Systems In Cooperation with the National Park Service Joseph Maher - Department Head Barry Hackett - Director of GIS Prepared October 1999 Printed July 2004 00.5 10.25 Miles.
COPIES OF THE MAPS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE Most of the map images on these webpages are from ... Middlesex County Towns. Bordentown 1847 estate of J ... This map of Middlesex County, Massachusetts shows regional level information. Base map features include highways and major roads with labelling; railways; high level land use such as parks and recreation areas; and a selection of points of interest including transportation hubs like airports and train stations, tourist information and police stations.
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The purpose of the Southern Massachusetts Hurricane Evacuation Study, finalized in 1997, was to provide the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the coastal communities in southern Massachusetts with realistic data qualitifying the major factors in hurricane evacuation decision-making.
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The GIS website has moved to http://www.johnstonnc.com/gis. Please update your links. Thank you!
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NJParcels.com is your source for property information, real estate and sales data and interactive maps and metrics of taxation and valuation data. Pulling from official sources, NJParcels.com provides additional data beyond other sites, such as the Monmouth Tax Board web application, linking parcel and other GIS and demographic data in an easy ... GIS information is also important for public consumption and is available to serve the needs of our citizens. Users can download GIS data on our GeoData Site, view GIS data online in the County's Map Viewer, and view maps and applications on our ArcGIS Online Site.
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Assessor Maps 2020. Please contact the Assessor's office with any questions 978-540-2410. Map Index
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