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The Jeep ® Patriot and Jeep Compass were introduced at the same time, and Compass carries the torch for the both of them as a compact Jeep Brand SUV. Should you encounter an issue accessing any content on, please email our Customer Service Team or call 1-877-IAMJEEP, for...
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The 2014 Jeep Patriot has 48 NHTSA complaints for the vehicle speed control at 62,158 miles average. (Page 1 of 3) ... eginition switch, thermostats, alter alternator and throttle body the issue ...
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If you Google Patriot ETC at low idle, it brings up a 3 page thread at our site, but the solutions are hit or miss. Some had luck with a new throttle body, others with a new gas pedal, some with a new transmission computer module (TCM), and some with faulty wiring. Let us know what you find out. And, good luck.
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Car Makes. Jeep · 1 decade ago. 2007 Jeep Patriot.. I need to find out where in the engine is the throttle body sensor or throttle body? My jeep won't start and I need to find out how to fix it myself cause the cost is too much. The throttle body controls the amount of air entering the engine; more air means more power, less air means less power. Incorrect air flow can result in poor engine performance, reduced power, poor idling and other problems. Within the throttle body is a throttle plate, which opens as you press down the gas pedal.
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My wife's car was having a few issues with drivability and the remote start feature, it would cut off periodically. After testing I received an error code...
Aug 14, 2020 · After a few years of the Jeep Patriot having relatively few problems compared to the 2008-2009 model years, the 2014 had a few more issues than Jeep would have liked. The top concerns focus on the body and paint category, with the second highest problem category focusing on the electrical system. Jeep Patriot Performance Parts. Life is bumpy­–especially off-road. To ensure your Jeep Patriot takes each obstacle in stride, you need a tough suspension system. If yours is the worse for wear or if stock parts simply aren't enough, order the performance Jeep Patriot suspension parts your truck needs to tackle any adventure.
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Jan 26, 2018 · Brandy, no guarentees, but that sounds like your Electronic Throttle Body is failing. When you press your throttle, there is an electric connection to the ETB. In that unit, which is on your intake manifold, there is a motor and a set of gears. They open the throttle "butterfly" valve "for you". Rough Country's new Throttle Body Spacer helps you get the most out of your Jeep YJ, TJ or XJ. Engineered with a Spiraling Helix design, our Durable, aluminum spacer forces incoming air into a high velocity vortex that aids in a more powerful and efficien.
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A Jeep Throttle Body is a part of your vehicle's air intake system that manages airflow in an engine. When you depress the accelerator, you're actually stepping on the air - pushing the gas pedal opens the throttle plate in the Jeep Throttle Body, increasing the level of airflow. A Jeep Throttle Body is engaged as you step on the car's gas pedal.
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Alright so today i bored out my throttle body (yay!) to 62mm. Along with my spacer(because even tho i do not feel they do anything i still have it...) But my problem is the butterfly plate is now to small.
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Chrysler Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Install. Limp Mode. 1998 Jeep Xj - Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. 08:38. 1987 Jeep Cherokee Renix 4.0 Idle Miss - Rough Idle - Issue Found!Jan 12, 2016 · Vacuum leaks can disrupt the air-fuel flow because of an imbalanced airflow, which can cause throttle body pressure problems. The issue could also be an incorrectly adjusted throttle stop. This is a component that acts as a gate-keeper and establishes a minimum or maximum position for a throttle body plate to be opened or closed.
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