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Overview Gallery Synopsis Relationships Keigo Takami in "The Todoroki Family" Keigo Takami (鷹 (たか) 見 (み) 啓 (けい) 悟 (ご) , Takami Keigo?),23 also known as the Wing Hero: Hawks (ウィングヒーロー ホークス, Wingu Hīrō Hōkusu?), is the former No. 3 Pro Hero4 and the current No. 2 Pro Hero.1 1 Appearance 1.1 Gallery 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Quirk 3.2 Stats 4 ...
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hey there! i love your writing! can i request a matchup? im a 4"6, darker skinned, straight girl with a very noticable afro. I do give off a shy demeanor, and people usually mistake me as shy due to the way i act in front of new people. oh, im really the opposite. i am loud and crass. in my free time i do things like video games, dancing and cooking. my hobbies mostly consist of cheerleading ... NSFW Alphabet Masterlist BNHAAll Might • A-Z Aizawa • A-Z Asui Tsuyu • B, D, F, G, O • C, I, K, V, W Awase • B, K, M, O, X • A, D, I, P, V Bakugou • A-Z ...
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Read Hawks x reader lemon from the story Bnha boyfriend scenarios (+ headcanon's, one shots + imagines) by Nazarath74334 (Ace) with 5,408 reads. hitoshi, tam...mha headcanons mha x reader yandere aesthetic yanderecore ... I want a anime boyfriend ... dabi x you dabi imagine lovesick bnha hawks storm hawks. 21 notes Oct 20th ...
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Boyfriend headcanons; His s/o is killed by a hero headcanons; Trying to get s/o’s attention when they’re distracted with something else; Attempting to be a dad headcanons; Dirty smutty headcanons; x reader x Hawks SFW/smutty headcanons; Fatgum . Face-sitting headcanons; Smut headcanons; When he’s drunk; How he acts around his crush ...
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Future kids with Hawks and Bakugou. Animal crossing with Hawks, Dabi, Shigaraki and Aizawa. Rap songs with Sero, Todoroki and Shinsou. Baker reader with Fatgum. Daughter with Shirakumo. Struggling to express herself with Mirio, Aizawa and Iida. Super affectionate in private s/o with Hawks, Aizawa and Hizashi. Struggling to conceive with Hawks
How would Yandere! Bakugou and Dabi react to loving someone who is an Idol Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Dabi, Toga Himiko (minor character) Pairing:... Hourly, minor, aroace, any pronouns <3 fandom list, blacklist, and rules are tagged under...
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Soryu lost all his patience and punch him. He lost his patience due to what your ex-boyfriend did to you in the past. He made a promise to himself that if he ever crossed path with your ex-boyfriend he will do everything to make him pay for what he has done to you. Your ex-boyfriend fell down on the ground holding his face.
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Mod Hawk here! I’ll do the 104th, but please remember that we don’t answer anything for the vets. Also I’m sorry I don’t know much about perfumes and all that, but I’ll try my best! Eren doesn’t strike me as a cologne/perfume kind of guy. I think the most he’ll use artificial scents is putting on deodorant for working out and stuff.
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Putting his best smile and trying to hind his nerves, Hawks introduce himself. “Pleasure to meet you Miss Todoroki. Now I know from where Y/N got her beauty.” His girlfriend and her mother just laughed at his comment. The evening pass with laughter from the mother and daughter duo and jokes from Hawks. Rei gave Hawks her blessing.
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Kirishima Eijirou + Relationship Headcanons: You know how some guys are shy about PDA? Yeah, Kirishima isn’t one of those guys. Give him all the hugs he deserves them. He likes all kinds of hugs. One time, you try the suddenly jumping onto his back type hug well rip you he loves it and will want you to do it ALL THE TIME FROM NOW ON HAHAHA.
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Mei x reader