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I noticed the optics applets are mostly from geometric optics. (ray tracing, thin lenses, reflection/refraction, etc.) It would be nice also if you have applets that demonstrate some topics from physical optics. (light interference, Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction through various apertures or obstacles, polarization, etc.)
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Geometric Optics. The Ray Model of Light Although light is actually an electromagnetic wave, it generally travels in straight lines. We can describe many properties of light by assuming that it travels in straight-line paths in the form of rays. A ray is a straight line along which light is propagated. COS-IMGS-321 Geometric Optics This course introduces the analysis and design of optical imaging systems based on the ray model of light. Topics include reflection, refraction, imaging with lenses, stops and pupils, prisms, magnification and optical system design using computer software. (COS-PHYS-211) Class 2, Lab 3, Credit 3 (F)
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FIGURE 20.1 (left) Geometrical optics through a cloud: sun's rays travel in straight lines. (right) Geometric optics by laser light. in a relation similar to that defining the speed of light in vacuum c. Because, in general, ␧ Ն ␧0 and ␮ Ն ␮0 we have that the speed of light in a material medium is...
In geometric optics, light is assumed to travel in a definite direction with relatively little diffraction. This behavior is known as rectilinear propagation. The path of propagation of a light wave is a geometric ray. The rays of geometric optics… are perpendicular to the wave fronts of physical optics.
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Lenses Virtual Lab using PhET Geometric Optics Name_____ Materials: Computer, Internet connection, and ruler Hour _____ Objectives: To demonstrate the formation of images from convex and concave lenses. To identify the type of image formed by convex and concave lenses. To confirm the lens equations. Lenses Virtual Lab using PhET Geometric ...
Introduces optics and photonics principles with their elementary applications. Topics include speed at light, reflection, refraction, geometric optics, interference and interferometry, polarization, dispersion, birefringence, fiber optics, diffraction, introduction to spectroscopy and ray tracing. Prerequisite: Phys 121.
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OPTICS DESCRIPTION: Students will compete in lab activities in the areas of geometric and physical optics. EVENT PARAMETERS: Students may bring and use any type of calculator. No other resource materials may be used unless provided by the event supervisor. A TEAM OF UP TO: 2 APPROXIMATE TIME: 50 Minutes
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LABORATORIO VIRTUAL DE LENTES EMPLEANDO LA SIMULACIÓN PHET GEOMETRIC-OPTIC MATERIALES Ordenador con internet y regla. OBJETIVOS • Demostrar la formación de imágenes en lentes convexas y cóncavas. • Identificar el tipo de imagen formada por lentes convexas y cóncavas. • Confirmar las ecuaciones de las lentes. LENTES CONVEXAS 1.
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An object is placed 2.15 cm in front of a converging lens having a focal length of 0.5 cm. A second converging lens, having a focal length of 0.75 cm, is then placed 1.25 cm behind the first lens as shown below.
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Designed for science and engineering students. Calculus-based physics. Covers fluids, thermodynamics, mechanical and sound waves, geometrical optics, physical optics, and modern physics. Lecture only. (Associated laboratory course is PHYS 233.) Pre: MATH 121 with a Cor better; and PHYS 221 with a C or better. Aug 16, 2017 · “Geometrical optics” includes theoretical description that is necessary for initial modeling and performance analysis of optical systems, and is supported with a considerable amount of practical tasks for the topics as well as virtual lab devoted to the ray tracing and image modeling. The following topics are included into the on-line course:
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Geometrical optics deals with the propagation of light in a straight line and phenomena such as reflection, refraction, polarization, etc. If the image formed by a spherical mirror is half the size of the object and it is virtual, then find the distance between the mirror and the image given that the object's...The most common of these, geometric optics, treats light as a collection of rays that travel in straight lines and bend when they pass through or reflect from surfaces. Physical optics is a more comprehensive model of light, which includes wave effects such as diffraction and interference that cannot be accounted for in geometric optics ...
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