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Jun 05, 2017 · Since you know the mathematical equations, which says that for M>1, area increase will increase velocity, etc. Let's talk about the physics behind it, first of all it's always not necessary that the velocity increases for the converging diverging ...
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The steam flows through the nozzle with negligible heat transfer and no significant change in potential energy. At the exit, P2 = 0.01 MPa, and the velocity is 665 m/s. The mass flow rate is 2 kg/s. Determine the exit area of the nozzle, in m2. Assumptions: 1. Steady state operation of the nozzle
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PROBLEM # 11.2 The steam from a nozzle of a single impulse turbine discharges with a velocity of 600 m/s and at 20 o to the plane of the wheel. The blade wheel rotates at 3000 rpm and the mean blade radius is 590 mm. The axial velocity of the steam at exit from the blade is 164 m/s and the blades are symmetrical. Calculate:
about 10 to 15%. The velocity of steam will be then Where, k is the co-efficient which allows for friction loss. It is also known as nozzle efficiency. Velocity of Steam at Nozzle Exit: 3.5 Mass of steam discharged through nozzle:
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In most feed nozzle designs, the steam flow for atomization of the hydrocarbon is set by the fixed orifices. Unless you are throttling the steam supply, the steam flow rate is not adjustable without modifying the nozzle internals.
Steam enters a nozzle with a low velocity at 150 ∘ ∘ C and 200 kPa, and leaves as a saturated vapor at 75 kPa. There is a heat transfer from the nozzle to the surroundings in the amount of 26 kJ...
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The effect of considering friction losses in steam nozzle for the same pressure ratio leads to. A. increase in exit velocity from the nozzle. B. decrease in exit velocity from the nozzle. C. no change in exit velocity from the nozzle. D. increase or decrease depending upon the exit quality of steam. Answer: Option B
Question: Steam enters a nozzle operating at steady state at 30 bar, 320{eq}^o{/eq}C, with a velocity of 100 m/s.The exit pressure and temperature are 10 bar and 200{eq}^o{/eq}C, respectively.The ...
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Problem: The velocity of steam leaving the nozzles of an impulse turbine is 900 m/s and the nozzle angle is 20 o. The blade velocity is 300 m/s and the blade velocity coefficient is 0.7. Calculate for a mass flow of 1 kg/s, and symmetrical blading; (i) the blade inlet angle; (ii) the driving force on the wheel; (iii) the axial thrust;
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Dec 05, 2019 · Nozzles are actually used to modify the flow of a fluid (i.e. by increasing kinetic energy of the flow in expense of its pressure). Convergent-divergent type of nozzles are mostly used for supersonic flows because it is impossible to create supersonic flows (mach number more than one) in convergent type of nozzle and therefore it restricts us to a limited amount of mass flow through a ... A simple device was constructed for determining a value for the average combustion gas velocity at the exit plane of a high-velocity oxyfuel gun. This device was used to measure the velocities of a standard factory-made barrel nozzle and a specially designed de Laval nozzle as a function of the fuel/oxygen ratio and the total mass flow rate. The Mach number of the de Laval nozzle was 1.42. The ...
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The steam enters the nozzle at a high pressure with a relatively small velocity. As the steam flows from the nozzle the velocity will increase and pressure drops. Slide7: Problems 1-5 are from ‘Applied Thermodynamics - For Engineering Technologists’ by Eastop TD & McConkey, page 325. Problem 1 Calculate the throat and exit areas of a nozzle to expand air at a rate of 4.5 kg/s from 8.3 bar, 327 0C into a space at 1.38 bar.
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When Desuperheating loads go above the maximum rated capacity, the steam velocity at the exit of the nozzle will ensure turbulent flow, which helps to mix water particles into the steam thoroughly. With reduction in steam flow, the steam velocity and turbulence will also reduce.
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